Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Album Preview 2010 / Reflections On The Accent

So this year I started writing for the Austin Community College newspaper. It was a great learning experience and alot of fun. I was also enrolled in News Reporting, but our teacher is way too old for basic communication, and is retiring, we are her last class ever. Volunteering for The Accent was my News Reporting class. I learned alot about journalism and people. I wrote about music, and regular news as well. I totally plan on writing for them as long as Im at ACC. This summer album preview has the most of me in it, and its the piece im proudest of so far. I hope you enjoy it. I'm not really sure why my editor's name at the time is on this. I wrote 99 percent of it and chose the content.

June 29
Outspoken Sri-Lankan rapper MIA went from underground sensation with her 2005 debut Arular, to Grammy performances with hip-hop royalty, worldwide acclaim. Listed as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential people when her second album, the critical and commercial success Kala, came out, MIA reached maximum cultural saturation thanks to her number one banger, “Paper Planes.” Her sound is a modern, politically minded mix of hip hop, electro, and world music perfect for sweaty dance floors. Announced via blimp during at Coachella, MIA returns with her third still untitled album, which she describes as “Gucci Mane Meets Animal Collective.” The teaser video “Theres Space For Ol Dat I See” sounds pretty much just like that and the Suicide sampling single “Born Free” has already spawned controversy over its violent, in-your-face video.

Christina Aguilera
June 8

Christina Aquilera does a 180 from her last album’s jazzy throwback sound, returning with a futuristic new album with help from indie dance acts like Le Tigre, Ladytron and M.I.A. It should be interesting to see where Xtina stands in the post-Gaga pop landscape. This will definitely be one of most inescapable releases of the summer.

LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening
May 18

Grammy nominated LCD Soundsystem and their label DFA were a key part of the post punk/dance rock revival scene in New York in the early 2000s.
While most of the music of that scene sounds dated (cough cough, The Bravery), LCD still sounds fresh due to their wittier, more elcectic and less glossy sound. James Murphy and company return with another set of ironic, punk informed disco tunes on their third album, featuring the silly first single “Drunk Girls.” LCD Soundsystem will be dropping by Stubbs on June 8, just in time to kick off summer.

June 8

Virtually unknown stateside until “love it or hate it” tastemakers Pitchfork recommended their Ayrton Senna EP, Spanish trance pop band Delorean find themselves in the spotlight with their third album. Their summery mix of glo fi (or chill-wave or whatever new genre label some blogger invented last week) and cheezy Ibiza club music evokes the beach perfectly, and makes this a perfect chill-out soundtrack.

Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles
June 8

Electro punk duo Crystal Castles burst on the scene in 2008 with their confrontational self-titled debut. The icy duo returns with their second self-titled album (confusing is cool apparently), a fun mix of riotgrrl, nintendo music, and electroclash. Perfect for goth kids to get crunk to, check out Crystal Castles when they hit Stubbs August 11 headlining the HARD tour.

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